Spanish Colonial Art

We are excited to bring to the Arlington Museum of Art, Spanish Colonial Art.  Running from April 12 to May 26, 2012, this exhibition examines over 300 years of traditional Spanish art, including retablos, ex votos, santos, alters and more.

This artwork was created by Spanish friars and missionaries who needed a new way of recreating art  brought over by Spanish explorers and settlers.  Their new art adorned Spanish missions in Central America and southern United States, such as the New Mexico area.  Spanish Colonial Art focused mainly on religious figures and practices to show the importance of religion in the daily lives of the colonists.

Come visit the museum and view a diverse collection of over 40 sculptures, carvings, and paintings, all of which are hundreds of years old.

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There will be an opening reception for museum members and exhibit sponsors on April 12, beginning at 6pm.

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Dennis & Barbara Hevia

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