Points of View

Points of View

Arlington Museum of Art Main Gallery.
Reception Friday, August 12, 6:30 – 9:00 pm

Five artists interpret their world with distinctive points of view through Oils, Acrylics, Watercolor, Mixed Media and Digital Paintings.
Douglas Winters, Sonali Khatti, David Maxwell, Starr Perry, Dan Darr
Exhibit curated by Lee Bowman

Starr Perry – Experimental mixed media paintings

Starr Perry is a full time artist and owner of Abstract Zebra, a Fort Worth design studio that experiments with intriguing mixed media combinations of heavy body acrylics and cutting edge software techniques to produce art works with dazzling color, texture and drama.  Primarily self taught, she experimented with various artistic methodologies while maintaining a full time career in accessories and beauty sales until early retirement from corporate life in 2005, due to ill health.

When sudden life style changes due to medical necessity in her 40’s required bed rest and physical rehabilitation, Starr utilized the time experimenting with digital software as a new medium, and also began study with well-known experimental mixed media artist Martha Howell of Arlington, Texas.  Starr’s large scale abstract creations can be produced on metal panels or on canvas which can be mounted on walls, elevator doors or other surfaces.

In 2009, Starr was one of 3 winners at NYLO Hotels National art contest for her digital paintings on canvas, combined with impasto and resin pours. Today Starr works with an extensive hotel clientele, including NYLO Hotels, the Westin, and W Hotels, high profile corporate clients such as Trammell Crow and Heathrow airport in London as well as private collectors.





See Starr’s website at www.abstractzebra.com




Douglas Winters III – Oils


Douglas Winters III paints from his home studio located in Dallas, Texas.  The main inspiration for his work comes from his passionate connection with nature. Born in Austin, Texas, Douglas was introduced at an early age to his two great loves, art and nature, by supportive family members. Douglas’ grandmother, an artist and professional art teacher, and Douglas’ uncle a renowned artist and teacher, currently living and teaching in China have been very influential in Douglas’ artistic development. Douglas’ father introduced him to the natural world as a child and throughout his life they have enjoyed time together in the great outdoors.

Douglas studied commercial art, studio art, and architecture at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas. Through the use of vibrant colors that explode off the canvas and subjects that beg to be different, Douglas’s art invites you to breathe deeply and step inside the wonderful world of nature.







David Maxwell – Watercolor

David Maxwell studied at TCU and at the University of North Texas where he received a degree in industrial arts and spent most of his working career in Texas and New Mexico. But it was not until his retirement that his life-long interest in art was directed to a serious focus on watercolor painting. Courses in painting at the University of Houston provided a foundation and led to study with several well-known watercolor artists over a period of years. He has received several awards in national juried competitions, most notably the Nell Storer Memorial Award from the American Watercolor Society in 2008.

Acceptance of his work in national juried competitions has garnered him Signature Membership in six societies including the National Watercolor Society. His life-long love of automobiles provides a venue for the adventurous path of finding abstract shapes in the reflections of bright chrome and shinny surfaces of classic cars that he photographs at automobile shows.

Conventional watercolor looseness is not readily seen in his paintings. His pieces are instead very tight and controlled, although surprises from the wonderful playfulness of color may be found if one looks closely. Many of his paintings at first glance appear to be oil or acrylic. His unique method of accomplishing multiple washes and gradations of color give his paintings a unity of form with sharp detail and depth of color saturation.

David paints from his home in Fort Worth and is an active member of the Fort Worth Society of Watercolor Artists where he regularly leads critique session for that group’s members.






Sonali Khatti – Mixed Media

Sonali Khatti maintains a studio in Dallas, Texas and is an active painter and member of the Bonny Studio in Richardson, Texas. She is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design and holds a post graduate diploma in Asian Art from the University of London where she focused on the arts of India, Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

She has traveled extensively in Europe visiting Asian textile collections in museums, as well as visiting rural villages in the Kutch, India, production epicenter of handcrafted textiles in India. She did an apprenticeship at the Bhandani Workshop, where she studied traditional tie-dye techniques and an apprenticeship with Toofan Rafai, master of natural dyes where she learned the traditional arts of natural dyeing, painting and block printing.

About her work in this exhibit, Sonali says: “History and the registration of time, both on a personal as well as a universal level are the inspiration for my work.  Painting allows me to reconnect with my past and the journey I have traveled as an artist.  I create environments that explore the dissolving of time, transporting the viewer to a unique sense of place and atmosphere.

My process utilizes the layering of line, texture and color to build imagery, which reveals a broad and richly historical personal narrative.  The purpose of each painting is to experience a passage of time by delving into the relationships between what has happened in the past with what remains in the present.  Through stamped surfaces, buried remnants of cloth, and preserved marks, a story unfolds.”

See Sonali’s website at www.sonalikhatti.com




Dan Darr – Acrylic

Dan Darr is an artist from Arlington, Texas who works in a wide range of media, styles and techniques. His artwork has won major awards in juried shows, and his murals can be found in homes throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Dan was born in Dallas, TX but grew up in Fort Worth, TX. He graduated first from Paschal High School in 1988, and then from Texas A&M University in 1993, with a degree in Environmental Design. He worked as an intern architect, and now teaches Art at Arlington’s Martin High School. For the most part, Dan paints, but a look around his studio will reveal works done in scratchboard, collage, fabric, even multimedia sculptures illuminated by Christmas lights. Dan’s style may range from very abstract to realistic, depending on what the piece calls for. His work also stretches from conceptual to literal. Within this variety, some subject matter and themes keep emerging—especially that of music.

For the paintings featured in this show, Dan says: “I happened to find some old photographs in a flea market.  They immediately provoked questions with their mystery:  “Who are these people?  What was their life like?  What did they love about life?  What happened right before or after this photo was taken?  Why did their photos end up in a flea market?” and so on. They captivated my imagination and I decided to give these photos a second life in the form of a painting. I make guesses about the people in the photo, sometimes I will change the composition, but I always paint the image in color, to make the people and their situation feel more real to the viewer. These paintings can be about the difference between the ways we remember things versus the way they really were; they can be about the mystery of not knowing the people in the photo, who cannot talk to us; they can be about untold stories or dreams.”





See Dan’s website at www.dannydarr.com