Poetry & Prints: Haiku and You

“Poetry & Prints: Haiku and You”
Northstar School, Arlington Texas
Mezzanine East Gallery

This exhibition is an on-going exchange between the sister-cities of Arlington, Texas, U.S.A. and Bad Königshofen, Bavaria, Germany. Both cities have a history of creative projects, including public art monuments, and pen-pal letters.

This year, celebrating the 60 years of friendship, students from both cities are engaged in a project creating poetry and art. This exhibit in the AMA Mezannine East Gallery is work created by students of Arlington’s Northstar School, titled “Poetry & Prints: Haiku and You.”

The project is a collection of haiku poems and relief prints resulting from a creative writing and image making workshop by the students from grades 7 – 12. To prepare, the students attended The Modern Museum of Art in Fort Worth to view the exhibition “Vernon Fisher: K-Mart Conceptualism,” which dealt with narrative works incorporating words and images. The exhibition will travel to Germany later this year.

Acknowledgement is due to super Northstar teachers, Lisa Odom, Wendy Lastovica-Alvey, Jennifer Lecroy for workshop assistance; to Northstar board members, Tabatha Knickerbocker & Kay Hunn for the initial nod, Arlington Museum of Art for showcasing, AMA board member, Lynda Freeman for installation assistance. Arlington artist, Celia Alvarez Muñoz, conducted and curated the project.
A Haiku is a poetic thought of three lines composed with a sequence of 5, 7, and 5 syllables. See two of the student Haiku poems below: