Imprinting the West: Manifest Destiny, Real and Imagined.

September 6 – October 19, 2014

With President Thomas Jefferson’s acquisition of the Louisiana Purchase, and the promotion of Manifest Destiny, Americans in the Eastern part of the country were skeptical about Native American’s ability to acclimate into a more “European” society.  Artists were employed by geographical survey teams to accompany them into the Purchase, clear to the West coast, and document the land and the people they encountered.  Images of Native American people and traditions were committed to a permanent canvas, and used to illustrate their integration in a lifestyle that was more “organized” and alleviate Easterners’ concerns.

Frederic Remington, Mexican Infantry on the March, 1890, wood engraving, 21 x 25, private collection. Photo: E.G. Schempf.

Consisting of 48 hand colored engravings and lithographs, Imprinting the West utilizes the work of such renowned artists as Frederic Remington, George Catlin, and John James Audubon to create an appealing picture of the westward expansion to those living in the Eastern part of the country.  The exhibit will include extensive information to enhance understanding of and appreciation for the work and its origins.

George Catlin, Buffalo Bull, Grazing, 1844, hand-colored lithograph, 21 x 25, private collection. Photo: E.G. Schempf.

We are planning to continue our popular lecture series in association with this exhibit. Details including dates and times will be released as they are determined.

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