A Walk with C. S. Lewis

Special group show by Faith Artists
Denker and Mezzanine West Galleries

A Walk with C.S. Lewis
Reception Friday, April 20, 2012 6:30-9:00pm
Guest Lecture-Saturday, May 12,  2-3 pm  Dr. David Naugle

This exhibition is produced by Faith Artists, a group of like-minded and like- hearted Christian visual artists who desire to share truth in fresh ways with the world around them. They strive to represent a broad spectrum of art from realism to abstraction, and the artists share their vision with accompanying inspiration statements.

The idea to create an exhibition focusing on art inspired by the life and works of author C.S. Lewis came from the Faith Artists summer board meeting in June of 2011. Immediately, excitement started to flow throughout the group and over the next few months, “A Walk with C.S. Lewis” went from concept to reality.  Because Lewis has painted so many pictures with words, it was exciting to let his words inspire expressions of visual art. At Lewis’ core was an artist who found the enchantment of story to be his way of compelling the world to Christ. Faith Artists hopes to do the same as they share art that enlivens and captivates audiences with visual narratives from Lewis’ incredible works.

This exhibit promises to delight museum goers of all ages as they journey through artwork based on Lewis publications such as “Chronicles of Narnia”, “The Great Divorce”, “The Screwtape Letters”  “The Four Loves” and more…

As an added exhibition feature, guest lecturer Dr. David Naugle, Distinguished University Professor and Chair of Philosophy at Dallas Baptist University will present  “With Their Christianity Latent” which comes from the passage in Lewis’ work, “God in the Dock.”                
May 17, 2-3 pm.
Open to the public.

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