Donray Traveling Exhibits

donray“The works of Donray have, as a central vibration, major rhymes of his physiognomy that are like dashes of pique reflecting off encounters of the wondrous with excitement in hustling technique that is masterfully appropriate for his motif of luminous and vertiginous confrontations. What a “rush”!”
-Knox Martin

Donray at the Art Student’s League in New York City giving a lecture in June of 2015.

Donray at the Art Student’s League in New York City giving a lecture in June of 2015.

“The striking, monumental paintings in Donray’s “Visual Prayer” series are part of an impressive oeuvre. They are a culmination- but by no means the final chapter- in his exploration of brilliant color and movement as a key to expressing human emotion.”
-Dr. Ruth Bass

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“Dark Valley” Acrylic on Masonite 66” x 48”


This exhibit demonstrates the majesty of the Western American landscape. Donray’s technique captures the beauty of the natural world while commenting on the silent danger that exists out in the open, secluded space. The cacti and other flora pierce the landscape in dramatic style. This exhibit includes 30 paintings and pastels. All pieces are framed and ready to hang.


“O Soave Fanciulla” (The Blue Herons) Pastel on Museum Board 32” x 40”


This exhibit views birds of North America as a metaphor for life. Masters of the skies, these magnificent creatures teach us more about ourselves and about spirituality. The exhibit shows the natural beauty of the animals while teaching us a lesson. This exhibit includes 25 framed pieces in pastel and 20 acrylic pieces. Everything is ready to hang.


“Alice and the Hearts” Pastel on Paper 22.5” x 30”


This exhibit shows the grace of performance art. Donray’s style is perfectly matched for this genre. The action and motion of the performance is caught so that the viewer can experience the dance in a 2 dimensional snapshot. This exhibit includes 80 pieces. All are framed, stretched and ready to hang.