Timeless Concerts

Timeless ConcertsA concert of beautiful music while you sip beverages of your choice at your table. After the-hour long concert, enjoy giving your musical requests to pianist Erik Barnes, who accompanies the post-concert party. Complimentary wine/soft drinks/cheese/fruit/desserts, BYOB accepted. Timeless Concerts is like nothing else in North Texas; enjoy hearing music you know, as well as lesser-known music and hear interesting stories about the music and composer. Sept. 15, sway to the rhythms of music of gypsy heritage, inspiration of Czech composer Antonin Dvorak, as well as more contemporary music of Polish film composer W. Kilar, whose film scores have won honors and range in style from “Bram Stoker’s Dracula” to “The Truman Show” to “Portrait of a Lady”. Performers: violinist LeeAnne Chenoweth, pianist Dr. Heejung Kang, cellist Sara Birnbaum Hood, tenor Don O’Neal LeBlanc, and soprano Judith Rodriguez.

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